About Us

The Froebel Gallery of New York is proud to have been first in world to offer online sales of the play gifts designed by our ancestor Friedrich Fröbel for the first Kindergarten.


Friedrich Fröbel began production of Fröbelgaben in May 1837 in this house in Bad Blankenburg in the Principality of Schwarzburg Rudolstadt. Master carpenter Löhn, assisted by artisans and women of the village made these play gifts for children under the personal supervision of Friedrich Fröbel.


In 1850 production was moved to the Erzgebirge region of the Kingdom of Saxony in a factory established for this purpose by S F Fischer.

International acceptance and accolades recognised the importance in building block history of these play gifts designed by Friedrich Fröbel.

For over 175 years these designs and traditions have been preserved to provide the perfect play material for children around the world.

The Froebel Gallery provides a comprehensive service to assist families and kindergartens to own play gifts, that meet your needs and your budget. Please email your requirements to gallery@froebel.org or call 518.449.1233

by Friedrich Froebel